(Back) Andrew Guzman, Becki Esch, Dick Helmcamp (on Medical Leave),
Jeff Wright, Gary Pinkerton, Bob Beck
(Middle)  Amberly Hadley
(Front) Barbara Rose (Secretary), Patsy Helmcamp (Advertising),
Claudia Gaarz (President), Hazel R. Bell (Administrator),
Kate Hicks (Immediate Past President, Production Coordinator)
(Not pictured)  B. Weslee Vance, Ed Sanders, Luelda Robichaux,
Rachel Daniels, Kevin Belt, Kathy Cochran
(Jason Reed has taken a leave of absence to attend school.)

And…..  Here They Are……..

 Have been working in Carnegie shows for about 18 years and a Board member for about 6 years (cumulative).  My daughter was in WIZARD OF OZ and Jay Lewis was the director.  He got us involved then and I have been ever since in various ways….But NOT on stage!!
Claudia Gaarz

President, Carnegie Players

I have been involved with Carnegie for many years and served in many capacities: Actress, Board positions and Director of many of our shows–including 2015’s LE MIS!”  I’m very proud to help bring theatre to Cleburne.
Kate Hicks

Immediate Past President, Production Coordinator, Carnegie Players

I love theatre.  I love being a part of Cleburne Carnegie.  They have let me be a costumer, director, actress, singer and Board Member.
Becki Esch

Board Member, Costumer, Director, Actress, Singer, Carnegie Players

I became involved with Carnegie when I helped form their first Guild serving as president and vice-president.  Now, I help sell ads for Carnegie’s Playbill.
Patsy Helmcamp

Advertisers Coordinator, Carnegie Players

I’ve been a “Cleburneite” for 30 years, work at NAES Corp as a Business Manager in the Industrial Park.  I’ve been associated with Carnegie since 2012 through acting.
Barbara Rose

Secretary, Carnegie Players

I teach at Grandview High School.  Past One-Act Play Director (twice to State).  Was cast in Les Miserables in 2015.  Have had numerous One-Act students participate in Carnegie in past years
Gary Pinkerton

Actor, Director, Producer, Public School Theater Arts Teacher, Board Member, Carnegie Players

Cleburne business owner and operator.  I want to help give back to the Community through the arts and Carnegie to help them educate and entertain both children and adults.
Amberly Hadley

Board Member, Business Liaison, Carnegie Players

Andrew is excited to have been in numerous stage productions and films in the metroplex and in Cleburne areas.  He has served as Director, Actor and Producer.
Andrew Guzman

Actor, Singer, Director, Board Member, Carnegie Players

Bob is a singer, actor and photographer living in the Burleson aea.  He has performed in six Carnegie shows including 1776, WIZARD OF OZ and LES MISERABLE.
Bob Beck

Board Member, Actor, Singer, Photographer, Carnegie Players

Rachel has enjoyed being in numerous Carnegie productions for much of her life.  Perhaps my favorite is The Witch in INTO THE WOODS.
Rachel Daniels

Board Member, Actress and Singer, Carnegie Players

I have enjoyed being on the stage as a singer and actor.  I also have been privileged to serve as Assistant and Director and Sound Technician.
Kevin Belt

Board Member, Actor, Director, Technician and Singer, Carnegie Players

I have loved being associated with Carnegie Players through the Guild through the years.  With a long history the Carnegie Guild remains a stable supporter and provider for Carnegie Players.
Luelda Robichaux

Guild Treasurer, Coordinator of House Management, Ticket Officer, Carnegie Players

I have enjoyed being a part of Cleburne Carnegie Players as Singer, Actor and Music Director.  My wife, Charli and I also enjoy our one-year-old miracle daughter, Zoee!!
B. Weslee Vance

Board Member, Actor, Singer, Music Director, Church Minister of Music, Head of Choral Arts Department for Cleburne ISD, Carnegie Players

I desire to keep the arts alive and my wife LISA WRIGHT  teaches Theatre Arts at Cleburne High School.  I enjoy building sets, operating lights and sound and encouraging current and new students to experience everything that is theatre.
Jeff Wright

Set Builder, Liasion to Cultural Arts and Cleburne High School Theatre Arts Department, Carnegie Players

I have loved being in the Carnegie Guild to serve in a support role for all the productions my husband Hillard has been a part of.  I am a proud supporter of Carnegie.
Kathy Cochran

Guild Member, Board Member, Ticket Sales, Carnegie Players

I have never intended to be on the stage with Carnegie.  But I actually have invested a lot of hours in a supporting role for all the Casts and Crews.
Hazel R. Bell

Administrator, Carnegie Players