George Bailey – Andrew Guzman
Clarence – Bob Beck
Mr. Gower – Nolan Moralez
Young Violet & Ensemble – Josephine Simmons
Young Mary & Janie Bailey – Natalie Ricke
Young George, Tommy Bailey & Ensemble – Tate Simmons
Harry Bailey, Assistant to Potter – Logan MacIntosh
Mother Bailey – Becki Esch
Aunt Tilly – Kellie Blankenship
Violet Peterson – Rachel Daniels
Bert – Rodney Hudson
Ernie – Chris Shirley
Uncle Billy – Michael Lain
Mary Hatch – Kat Endsley
Henry Potter – Jay A. Cornils
Mrs. Hatch – Caren Ricke
Miss Carter – Hannah Stewart
Miss Andrews – Shauna Lewis
Mrs. Thompson – Libby Simmons
Mr. Martini & Voice of Sam Wainwright – Toby Burris
Mrs. Martini – Emma Shirley
Mr. Welch – Josef Shimek
Newspaper Boy & Ensemble – Taylor Schoen
Penny Bailey & Ensemble – Erin Shirley
ZuZu Bailey & Young Harry – Charlotte MacIntosh
Ensemble – Annemarie Simmons
Angel Voice – Pablo Serna
Angel Voice – Nathan Salter

Director – Kate Hicks
Assistant Director – Gary Pinkerton
Producer – Hazel R. Bell
Sound Design/Tech – Mik Brown
Set Design/Builder – Mik Brown
Light Design – Alan Meadows
Light Tech – Michelle Brown, Claudia Gaarz
Costumer – Becki Esch
Stage Manager – Devin Moralez
Brenda MacIntosh
Sheila Shirley


From the film by


and the story by


Adapted for the stage by


IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE, by James W. Rogers, has become very familiar.  The saga of George Bailey, the Everyman from the small town of Bedford Falls, whose dreams of escape and adventure have been quashed by family obligation and civic duty, whose guardian angel has to descend on Christmas Eve to save him from despair and to remind him – by showing him what the world would have been like had he never been born—that his has been, after all, a wonderful life.  This faithful adaptation has all your favorite characters:  George, Mary Hatch, Clarence, Uncle Billy, Violet, and, of course, the Scrooge-like villain, Mr. Potter.  This fine dramatization not only celebrates the faith of the season, it also celebrates the American philosophy of life; hard work, fair play and the love and support of one’s family and community will be rewarded.


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