September 9 – 25, 2016 (Weekends)

Auditions – Saturday, August 6 – 9:00 – 5:00 pm
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A first play which met with immediate critical and popular acceptance in its premier production by New York’s WPA Theatre.
Concerned with a group of gossipy southern ladies in a small-town beauty parlor, the play is alternately hilarious and touching—and, in the end, deeply revealing of the strength and purposefulness which underlies the antic banter of its characters.

“Harling has given his women sharp, funny dialogue…The play builds to a conclusion that is deeply moving.” —NY Daily News.

“…a skillfully crafted, lovingly evoked picture of eccentricity in the small-town South…Robert Harling is a new voice in the theatre and the qualities of STEEL MAGNOLIAS suggest he may be an important one.” —Drama-Logue.

“…suffused with humor and tinged with tragedy.” —NY Post.


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|  Steel Magnolias
|  written by
|  Robert
|  Harling

|  Director
|  Becki
|  Esch


|  Assistant
|  Director
|  Caleb
|  Pieterse

Theater in Cleburne Conference Center

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